Osaka 1-Day Pass - Enjoy Eco Card

◆What is the "Enjoy Eco Card"? ◆

  • Unlimited rides on all Osaka Metro lines and Osaka City Bus (*) for one day! *Osaka City Bus excludes buses bound for IKEA Tsuruhama/Universal Studios Japan ™, airport buses, and on-demand buses.
  • With discount benefits presented at about 30 tourist facilities in Osaka City!
    (*Limited to the day of use)
  • There is no expiration date.
  • You can buy it in advance!

◆ Release price ◆

  • classification Release price
    adult 820 yen(20)
    【Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 620 yen (20)】
    child 310 yen(10)
    * ( ) represents the train station barrier-free fee (in yen) included in the fare.

◆Valid Sector◆

All Osaka Metro and Osaka City Bus lines (*)
*Osaka City Bus excludes buses bound for IKEA Tsuruhama/Universal Studios Japan ™, airport buses, and on-demand buses. In addition, it cannot be used by private railway companies such as Hankyu Railway, Kita-Osaka Kyuko Railway, and Kintetsu Railway, which operate mutually direct to the subway.

◆How to use◆
(1) Please purchase at a ticket vending machine in a subway station.

* The date of use is not included at the time of purchase. It will be printed when it is inserted into the ticket gate, etc. on the day of use.


  • (2) When boarding, please insert it directly into the ticket gate.
  • * If you are using a bus, please insert your card into the input slot when you get off the bus.
  • kaisatuki-image.gif

  • (3) When you insert it into a ticket gate, etc., the date will be printed in the "Passable date" column on the front of the ticket.
    You can use unlimited rides all day long only on the day it is printed!

  • Valid for one bearer only.
  • After use, the one-day pass cannot be transferred to another person, and multiple people cannot ride with one ticket.
  • If you transfer outside the valid sector, please pay for the transfer at the station where you get off.
  • Refunds will be handled at the place of sale only if they are unused. (220 yen per ticket)

◆ Release location ◆
Inside the subway station
  • ticket machine
  • Commuter pass sales office
  • stand

◆ Presentation discount benefits ◆
Just by presenting (the date of use is the date of use of the facility), you can get a discount on admission at about 30 sightseeing spots in Osaka City.

* For more information on the offered discounts, please click here.

The use of the Enjoy Eco Card [for Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays (620 yen)] will be applied according to the calendar regardless of the operation schedule.