List of Ticket/Commuter Pass Sales Counters

Commuter Passes

Sold from 14 days prior to the usage start date.
Locations that accept
 credit cards:
Automated commuter pass vending machines (pink ticket machines) at each station and commuter pass sales counters in station buildings
My Style (student) and Free Style (student) usage charge discount information

  • Business days/hours may vary. Holidays include substitute holidays.  
  • If you are intending to purchase a commuter pass and are travelling to the nearest commuter pass sales counter, please tell station staff.
  • When requesting a refund, you will need to provide proof of identify (driver’s license/health insurance card, etc.).
  • If you are collecting a refund on behalf of someone else, you will need to provide proof of your own identity as well as an original or copy of proof of identity for the person registered. Note: If you are collecting a refund for a child ICOCA, you will need to provide the above documents as well as documents to prove that you have authority to act on behalf of the registered child.

  • Identification documents should be issued by a government authority and contain your name, address, and birthdate.
  • We request your cooperation to prevent unlawful refund requests for commuter passes that have been stolen or found.
  • In the case of an agent acting on behalf of someone, we will check the application submitted at the time of purchase. Please understand that the process will take a little time.
  • For refunds on commuter passes purchased with credit cards, the card used at the time of purchase will be required.
  • Using Credit Cards
  • Automated Commuter Pass Vending Machine (Pink ticket machines)

Other Tickets

Where to buy Tickets available
1-Day Pass
- Enjoy
Eco Card

List of Commuter Pass Sales Counter Phone Numbers

Location Phone No.
Umeda 06-6313-1829
Namba 06-6633-2400
Tennoji 06-6624-1423

Note: There may be delays in answering your call if staff are busy with customers at the counter.

 For queries regarding fares or the like please contact Osaka Metro and City Bus Information Call Center on