Installation of AED (Automated External Defibrillator) units

 Automated external defibrillators (AED) have been installed in all Osaka Metro stations to improve the life-saving rate of passengers using the subway.

 AED stands for “Automated External Defibrillator,” which is a medical device that delivers an electric shock to restore the heart to its normal state when an irregular heartbeat (ventricular fibrillation) prevents blood from being circulated throughout the entire body; the device was approved for use by the general public in July 2004.
 If medical attention can be swiftly and accurately carried out using an AED, it is said to be extremely effective in improving the chance of survival and reducing the number of deaths that occur before reaching a hospital, and significantly contributes to boosting patient rehabilitation rates.

  1. Stations equipped with AEDs
    Installed in all stations.

  2. Installment status

    Photo of AED taken from the front
    Photo of AED taken from the front 2

  3. Instructions for using an AED

STEP 1   Check if the person is conscious: Call out to him/her and lightly tap his/her shoulder.
STEP 2   Get help: Call 119 (emergency services) and station staff, and remove the AED from the box.
STEP 3   Watch for movement of the chest and stomach to check breathing: If the person is not breathing, give mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration by lifting up the chin and securing the airway, then leaning toward the person’s mouth to check for breathing (within 10 seconds).
STEP 4   Give chest compressions: Repeatedly press down on the sternum so that the chest is depressed at least 5 cm at a tempo of 100 compressions or more per minute.
STEP 5   Open the lid of the AED and remove the electrode pads: Follow the audio prompts and remove electrode pads from the packing.
STEP 6   Attach the electrode pads: Remove clothing on the upper body and attach the pads to the right side of the chest and left lower side, making sure there is no air between the pads and the skin (Note: the AED will automatically analyze the electrocardiogram; do not touch the injured person).
STEP 7  Push the AED button: When an electric shock is required and the AED gives the prompt, stay clear of the injured person and push the button; when necessary, the device will indicate the shock should be repeated, so follow the prompts.
(Note 1: Stay clear of the injured person since you could be shocked if you are touching him/her.
Note 2: Keep the electrode pads attached while waiting for paramedics.)