Information on accessibility (creating an accessible city)

 Osaka Metro has been actively promoting efforts to make station facilities accessible since the era when the Osaka Municipal Transportation Bureau operated the subway. This began with the “5-year Escalator and Elevator Construction Plan” (FY1991 - FY1995) implemented so that all passengers could travel safely and effortlessly, and continued in 2010 with “one routes” (wheelchair accessible routes) from platform to ground level via elevator. Other measures include in-car displays and the reservation of wheelchair spaces for onboard accessibility, and accessibility in train facilities such as multi-function toilets.
 While continuing to enhance the accessibility measures implemented to date and in addition to the accessibility themes of “parenting,” “information,” and “awareness,” Osaka Metro has drawn up the “Policy to Promote Accessibility” with the ongoing aim of creating an Osaka Metro that can be used freely by all.

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