Using Osaka Metro Service Information (please read)

 The following items are points to note and disclaimers concerning use. Please be sure to read before using.

 To improve convenience for customers by posting Osaka Metro service information on our website.

[Applicable Lines]
 All Osaka Metro lines

 Service information is posted when service is temporarily suspended (service shutdown) for 10 min. or longer on Osaka Metro lines.
 The screen does not refresh automatically. Please click the "Refresh" button to see current information.
 We also kindly ask you to use the information as a rough guideline for boarding due to factors such as slight delays in reflecting information on the website.

 When providing this service information, meticulous care is taken regarding data reliability/accuracy, but such information may not be correctly displayed due to transmission conditions, equipment damage, etc. Osaka Metro Co., Ltd. takes no responsibility for any damage arising related to service information. Customers are responsible for their utilization of this service information.

[Points of note]
  • The service information content may be terminated without prior notice.
  • The copyrights for the layout, design, system and other aspects of this service information are owned by Osaka Metro Co., Ltd. Usage, reproduction, distribution, or publication of any or all of the content without permission of Osaka Metro Co., Ltd. is prohibited.

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