How to Use PiTaPa

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Simply touch your card (still in its pass case) to the IC card reader of the ticket gate, etc.
for around one second until you hear “beep, beep!”

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When using PiTaPa with Osaka Metro services, the fare displayed on the ticket gate or bus farebox is the amount prior to deduction of PiTaPa usage charge discounts.
The discounted fares (with PiTaPa usage charge discounts deducted) can be checked from the 5th of the following month via PiTaPa Club (registration required), or ticket vending machines located at Osaka Metro stations.


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 Usage Within Public Transport IC Card Nationwide Interoperable Service Areas                    

Money must be loaded onto the card before use.
• Fares are paid from the money loaded onto your card.
• Reloading can be carried out at the IC card-compatible ticket vending machines and fare adjustment machines at each subway station.
Loading Units: Cards can be reloaded in units of 1,000 yen up to a maximum balance of 20,000 yen.

  • Please note!
  • Note 1: On October 1, 2018, PiTaPa postpay service commenced at JR-West (postpay area), making it possible to travel without loading money onto your card in advance.
    Even in the JR-West’s postpay area, you will still be able to use the balance on your card to purchase tickets and pay fare adjustments. It is not possible to use the balance on your card for Osaka Metro or Osaka City Bus services.
    In public transport IC card nationwide interoperable service areas (nationwide interoperable usage areas) other than JR-West’s postpay area, fares can be paid with the balance on your card.
    Note 2: Usage charge discounts and other PiTaPa discount services do not apply.
    Note 3: Money loaded onto your card cannot be used for riding within the PiTaPa transport usage area or shopping.
  • Note 4: Money loaded onto your card cannot be refunded. (Except when cancelling PiTaPa)
  • Note 5: Your card cannot be used on the Shinkansen.
  • Click Here for How to Load Money onto Your Card

Auto Reload  Prior registration required
If your card balance is 1,000 yen or below when you touch your card to a ticket gate, etc., in the PiTaPa transport usage area, your card will automatically be reloaded with 2,000 yen (for children this figure is 1,000 yen if the balance is under 500 yen).
Note: Auto reload will not be carried out when using your card in a nationwide interoperable service area such as the JR-West network (ICOCA area), or within the zone of your IC commuter pass.
You can register for this service when applying for membership.
If you no longer require the auto reload service, or you wish to register for or cancel auto reload after receipt of your card, please bring your card and proof of identity (driver’s license/health insurance card, student ID, etc.) to a major station in the PiTaPa transport usage area, and inquire with the station staff.
Note: Changing your settings is free of charge. To change settings, it is necessary to complete a set of procedures for each card.

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